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siberian husky beauty sleep interrupted

My Husky Beauty Sleep is Needed!

by Aryana: Siberian Husky
I was trying to get my beauty sleep when sis started taking pictures of me! She said I was sleeping in a funny way... Husky beauty sleep is very important! https://instagram.com/p/-cXMnVSwxQ/?taken-by=aryana.husky
siberian husky plays dead

Huskies Can Sneeze Too!

by Aryana: Siberian Husky
Do you think they can see me? *sneezes* Nevermind... https://instagram.com/p/-USSBnSwwz/?taken-by=aryana.husky I thought I was doing an excellent job of playing dead until I had to sneeze.
itchy siberian husky puppy

*Scritch Scratch*

by Aryana: Siberian Husky
Little me being itchy..!   This was an old photo when I was just a little puppy.
siberian husky watching youtube on television

What’s YouTube?

by Aryana: Siberian Husky
I was watching another Siberian husky that was on something called "YouTube". I tried playing with him, but it didn't work... When the video was done it turned black and back in to the TV! Sis said the husky wasn't actually there and that I'm simply just a silly Siberian husky watching YouTube... So I tried asking her,"What's YouTube?", but she didn't understand, oh well. I think I understand what it is though. YouTube is a website that has lots of videos of animals! Right? https://instagram.com/p/-AZoZtyw0b/?taken-by=aryana.husky Siberian Husky watches youtube.
sleepy siberian husky

I’m Still Sleepy

by Aryana: Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky Ninja


by Aryana: Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky Music

Listening To Music~

by Aryana: Siberian Husky
Do you like this song? I like it~ https://instagram.com/p/96bZvySwzD/?taken-by=aryana.husky
Siberian Husky Puppy Paw

High Paw!

by Aryana: Siberian Husky
Back in time when I was smaller!
Siberian Husky Eyes Filters

Different Eye Effects

by Aryana: Siberian Husky

Let’s Play In The Morning!

by Aryana: Siberian Husky